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Why Outsource?

There is a major trend towards globalization. The Internet and the evolving communications infrastructure have significantly decreased geographic limitations, thus bringing the world of business closer than ever before on a global scale. This business globalization has lead to the inevitable arrival of what has come to be known as 'outsourcing.'

'Business Process Outsourcing' (BPO) is a solution whose time has come. It is replacing the old paradigm of 'business as usual.' It's a fact that business as usual is no longer affordable or practical for companies looking for long-term profitability and the ability to compete. This is especially true for 'small to medium size businesses, (SMBs).

It is a constant challenge for businesses to keep their costs down without sacrificing efficiency and productivity. For companies looking for optimum leverage, outsourcing is the answer! Business Process Outsourcing is the way to stay in business as world economies struggle to find stability in turbulent times. That is where outsourcing provides a new, better, and more stable work platform.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Delivery of Cost-Effective Work Process Solutions

The main benefit of outsourcing is the reduction of costs. 24Seven dramatically reduces your in-house costs. It has been estimated that for every dollar spent on outsourcing to offshore locations, the United States reaps approximately a dollar in benefits. Thanks to outsourcing, U.S. firms save money and become more profitable, benefiting shareholders and increasing returns on investment.

Focus on Core Competencies

Transferring essential but non-strategic back-office tasks to BPO specialists enables businesses to 'free up' valuable time and allows them to exert a more concentrated commitment to their key operational pursuits.

Access to Expertise

Where in-house expertise on specific work processes is either absent, lacking, or otherwise problematic, outsourcing provides the appropriate skill sets to fill in the gaps.

Operational Efficiency and Excellence

Central to the operations of outsourcing companies are technology and business practices that answer every protocol, and promote efficient streamlining of back-office operations.

Faster Turn Around Time

Engaging in strategic time zone differences with your outsourcing vendor means quicker completion times. To put it into perspective, outsourcing tasks are being performed and actually completed even while you are sleeping.

Scalable Operations

Scalability is critical to a company's growth. However, expansion invariably comes with risks related to additional assets, real estate, staff, and other resources needed to achieve desired objectives. Outsourcing reduces these risks by taking on these additional resources. Hence, a company that solicits outsourcing as a catalyst for positive change and growth will meet or exceed their expectations in less time and for far less cost. It can grow more progressively through the capability and capacity of the outsourcing firm.

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Benefits with 24Seven

  • Strengthen Profitability
    Reduce personnel and production costs with 24Seven’s global resources.
  • Improve Efficiency
    Increase productivity and save valuable time and money by utilizing 24Seven’s economic, geographic, and strategic advantages.
  • Focus on Core Competency
    Let 24Seven handle the ‘support’ elements of your business. You now have the freedom to concentrate on your core competencies and top tier priorities.
  • Gain Scalability
    With 24Seven you have a ‘no risk’ turnkey partner. Eliminate any capital spending for extra personnel, office space, and technology. Everything is already in place for you to grow and expand your business.