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24seven Business Support [Rethinking. Renewing.]

Our Approach

Meeting the unique requirements of our clients, that’s 24Seven! Our flexibility allows us to respond to your specific needs. We are attentive and alert to the unpredictable internal and external occurrences in your business. We offer solutions to produce concrete results that will improve your bottom-line profits. We achieve this through our strategic outsourcing approach.


1. Relationship and Needs Assessment

Our outsourcing set-up is not your typical buyer-vendor relationship, it is a partnership. Since we will be acting as an extended part of your business, it is critical that we initially assess the dynamics and compatibility between both organizations.

In this phase, we also work with you to audit and assess your business objectives. This is to fully understand your needs and the exact scope of the project.

2. Solution Development

Once the needs and outsourcing opportunities are assessed, 24Seven will propose a clear and precise solution that fulfills your specific requirements. This proposal will address and outline how the stated requirements will be achieved in terms of technology, process engineering, and relationship management. It will also disclose complete and detailed pricing scenarios.

3. Pilot and Implementation

Prior to project implementation, the project receives a thorough ‘pilot run’. It is in this phase that both parties test the efficiency and quality of service. We’re able to see if any adjustments and improvements need to be made before the actual start of the project. Usually, 24Seven conducts the pilot run free of any charges and commitments, thus minimizing the risk for prospective clients.

4. Account Management

The real work starts once the contracts are signed. At 24Seven, quality control and effective management are essential to ensure process optimization and continuous improvement. Expectations should also be managed through service level agreements and/or performance indicators. As business needs and requirements change, we will adjust in a flexible and reasonable manner. We believe that outsourcing relationships thrive in an environment of integrity, transparency, cooperation, and trust.

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Benefits with 24Seven

  • Strengthen Profitability
    Reduce personnel and production costs with 24Seven’s global resources.
  • Improve Efficiency
    Increase productivity and save valuable time and money by utilizing 24Seven’s economic, geographic, and strategic advantages.
  • Focus on Core Competency
    Let 24Seven handle the ‘support’ elements of your business. You now have the freedom to concentrate on your core competencies and top tier priorities.
  • Gain Scalability
    With 24Seven you have a ‘no risk’ turnkey partner. Eliminate any capital spending for extra personnel, office space, and technology. Everything is already in place for you to grow and expand your business.